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Moticon Science App Update Release Notes

Posted by Bennet Watson

Aug 17, 2020 2:30:31 PM

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Show pressure distribution widget or simple insole widget

When the pressure distribution widget is activated, the simple insole widget is now automatically deactivated. Previously, the simple insole widget was activated all the time.

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Only single side of measurement displayed

Fixed cases where the Measurements screen displayed measurements only for the left or right side.

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Measurement details screen unavailable

Fixed cases where clicking on a measurement in the Measurements screen did not show the measurement details screen.

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Network connection error when changing port

The network connection repeatedly failed when changing the default port 9999. This has now been fixed, and other port numbers can be used without error.

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Incomplete data transfer when app in background

With this fix, the measurements are fully transferred even when the app is in background or the screen is locked at the point where the transfer has reached 100 percent.

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Improve insole connection establishment

The sensor insole connection establishment has been significantly improved, speeding up the initial connection and when switching between app screens.

In case of remaining connection problems, please stick to the routine of bringing the app to background and back to foreground.

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