Moticon: objective gait and balance data

Moticon: objective gait and balance data
in the real world

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Benefits of Moticon sensor insoles

sensor insole

Integrated Design

Moticon offers the only fully integrated pressure insole design on the market.

wireless insole

Wireless Technology

Moticon insoles use the latest Bluetooth protocols to transmit data to a mobile device.

onboard battery

Never Lose Data

Moticon insoles offer onboard storage for un-tethered recording in the real world.

Additional features and specs


Multi-day recording

With Moticon Smart-Recording you can collect data for days at a time and analyze the data later. Send patients or subjects home and capture data from their natural environment out of the lab.



Moticon insoles automatically sync to one another and maintain this sync throughout the recording. This feature enables multiple day recordings to be processed accurately and easily.

smart recording


Moticon insoles are validated for accuracy and provide the most robust fully-portable solution in the industry. Step detection and key gait parameters are shown and displayed in a rich visual interface.


You are in control

Measure as much or as little as you need. With multiple options for measurement frequency and the specific sensors you wish to measure, Moticon is flexible for your research and clinical needs.


Factory calibrated

Each Moticon insole is factory calibrated and automatically re-zeroes during recording if drift is detected. This means no recalibration is needed, ever.


You are in control

Automatic reports for gait, balance, and more are instantly generated in the Moticon software once data has been downloaded from the insoles. Key parameters on gait and balance are automatically calculated.



Gait Analysis on the move: The Infinite Gait Walkway

In order to analyze human gait patterns, highly accurate data must be collected at high frame rates. The state of the art is to deploy a carpet-like structure instrumented with pressure sensors, which allows for measuring position, orientation and pressure of each foot at each step.


Bipedal in-shoe kinetics of skateboarding – the ollie

Skateboarding is a globally participated and popular sport with a reported participation of over 11 million in the United States alone (SGMA, 2007). Published epidemiological studies have stated the significant incidence of musculoskeletal injuries associated with skateboarding (Frederick, Determan, Whittlesey, & Hamill, 2006).


Unsupervised gait retraining using a wireless pressure-detecting shoe insole

The knee adduction moment (KAM) is a surrogate measure of mediolateral distribution of loads across the knee joint and is correlated with progression and severity of knee osteoarthritis (OA). Existing biomechanical approaches for unloading the arthritic medial knee compartment vary in their effectiveness in reducing KAM.

calibrated moticon insoles

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