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zFlo is a full-service motion-measurement provider. We offer everything from cameras, software, to IMUs, to EMG systems; we literally do it all. Our goal is to make this exciting and useful technology more accessible for everyone.

From Start to Finish

We have the experience that can take your motion-analysis project from conception to completion. We have the industry relationships to put together the ideal system that suits your unique needs. Ask us how we can help!

We Have Your Back

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled levels of support to our customers. We can readily provide references - just ask!

Measure More | Measure Better

Optical and Markerless

Whether you are seeking ways to measure performance of athletes, or treat patients suffering from gait disorders, we have systems that are designed for your needs. Our markerless systems represent the latest innovations in automated data capture and analysis.  Our optical systems are designed for affordability and ease-of-use. We also offer custom systems - so let us know what you are interested in doing! 

Wearable Technology

If you are interested in fully wireless motion-analysis sensors, you've come to the right place. This stuff is really very cool, but it's only as powerful as the software and system in which it works. Reach out to us about this exciting and ever-changing industry - chances are we have something that will work to suit your needs. Also don't forget to check out the exciting and revolutionary in-shoe pressure and force sensor from our partners at Moticon, GmbH- you won't be disappointed.

Force Measurement

We provide multiple types of devices for measuring forces. For gait analysis, for jumping, for sprinters, and more. We recently began offering a new jump-analysis solution that is changing the way that trainers and athletes understand jumping - this is really powerful stuff. 

Force Plates for jumping

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