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zFlo is a full-service motion-analysis system provider. We offer everything from cameras to software, to IMU's, to EMG systems, we literally do it all. Our goal is to make this exciting and useful technology more accessible for everyone. 

From Start to Finish

We have the experience that can take your motion-analysis project from conception to completion. We have the industry relationships to put together the ideal system that suits your unique needs. Ask us how we can help!


Our Support is awesome

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled levels of support to our customers. In addition, we provide full coverage on any motion-analysis hardware that we provide - for 2 years after installation.

zFlo makes technology work for you.

 Solutions for Sports

zFlo offers many solutions for analyzing athletic events and sports. In addition, many of our tools are used to enhance training techniques and objectively measure performance. From Bike Fitting to Ice Skating, zFlo has probably worked with athletes in your sport. Multiple camera systems and 3D optical systems are commonly used for in-depth analysis of individuals and teams. In addition, Jumping analysis is a growing area where zFlo has substantial experience - get in touch with us today! 

3D Bike Fitting

 Clinical Motion Analysis

If you are a clinician that is interested in providing motion-analysis as a service for your patients, or as an add-on to enhance the work you already do (Physical therapy, athletic training, orthopedics, etc), then we have a solution for you. In addition to the systems that we integrate and install, we also provide in-depth training on all of the systems that we offer. We can even help develop your marketing plan to begin generating revenue on day 1. 

Clinical motion analysis

 An international team

zFlo is the North American distributor and representative for CONTEMPLAS, GmbHmyon AG, and STT-Systems. We are extremely closely connected with our partners and work with them on a daily basis to provide un-matched solutions for a very wide variety of users. You will not find a better group of people to work with - we all pride ourselves in going above and beyond what is expected. Strength comes easily when one is a part of a great team. 

In addition, we also are official sellers of AMTI force platforms, Basler cameras, and also provide our own unique solutions for corporate partners. 



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