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Merging the capabilities of a biomechanics research lab with the simplicity of video analysis

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Markerless Motion Capture

Through the use of 2 depth sensitive cameras, MotionMetrix is able to derive a wide range of information about a runner's stride performance, kinematics, running economy, and joint loading.  MotionMetrix is validated against traditional "markered" motion capture systems, and it's quite accurate. 

Automatic Analysis

MotionMetrix Pro offers users a fully automated system for analyzing runners.  No other system offers the same level of output as quickly or as easily - the system handles it all.  After you have gone over the runner's results with him/her, send the report and a video via email from within the software - easy. 


Typically, the MotionMetrix system is set up in a fixed installation, with cameras mounted to the walls in a space that is roughly 10 ft x 13 ft.  However, the system is simple enough that it can be moved and setup on-site in around 15 minutes.  All equipment can easily fit into your luggage as well.

Markerless. Automatic. Intelligent.

Automatic Reports

MotionMetrix Running Labs take the busy work out of analysis.  The system function automatically through the use of intelligent algorithms and a vast database of normalized data.  After about 60 seconds of running at a speed between 6 - 12 MPH, the system processes the data and creates a report that rates the runner's running economy, joint loading characteristics, kinematics throughout the gait cycle, alignment and symmetry, and much, much more.  The system compares data about runners to a sample of elite Swedish runners, and easily allows runners to compare their analyses over time.  

  • Automatic Running Report
  • Automatic Kinematic Analysis
  • Joint Loading Analysis

Running Economy Index

What's that? Essentially it is a measure of how much mechanical energy it takes to transport one kilo of your body weight one meter forward while running, and yes, it is integrated into the MotionMetrix system.  How is it interpreted?  Simple: the lower your score the better.  

Automatic Running Analysis Software

Gait Characteristics

MotionMetrix provides deep insight into runners' gait characteristics.  This includes detailed information about the symmetry and motion of the lower limbs at different stages of the stride and in different anatomical planes.  This includes a magnified view of an animated segment model, which serves as visual support for the calculated parameters.  As is the norm with MotionMetrix, all paramter data are put in context via relation and comparison to elite performance and the normal population.  

MotionMetrix Running Software

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