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Get real-world data from your athletes - no more simulation.


Moticon is for Athletes

Measure athletes as they perform their daily training - or even during games. The Moticon system enables both real-time capture and/or long-term data-logging. Monitor health and detect minute changes in gait or other movement - more data!

Monitor return-to-play

The passive measurement approach of the Moticon system enables you to measure your injured athletes without hindering their natural activities - you get "honest" evaluation and can eliminate performance bias

New Insights

Expand your knowledge of your athlete's unique body signatures with Moticon- there is no better way to minimize injury than to notice small changes that might pre-empt somethign more serious.

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Comfort = Design³

The sensor insoles not only look good, but they are also built to be worn. There is little noticable difference from the normal insole of an athletic shoe - the way it should be. Just place them in your shoes and initiate your recording using a PC or smartphone. The data can be stored locally on the insoles, or streamed directly to your device.

Sensor insoles

Measure What Matters

The heart of the Moticon system is the hardware. These insoles are slim but strong, and each insole includes 13 capacitive pressure sensing pads, plus a 3D accelerometer for motion measurement. The sensor data is processed in the embedded microsystem. From this raw data, a variety of essential gait and motion parameters are computed.

insole measurement

Moticon is proven

These insoles are a true breakthrough - having already won several prestigious European design and innovation awards. We are thrilled to be able to now offer them to the US and provide our industry-beating support and training expertise to anyone who is interested in this solution - reach out and we can answer any and all questions that you have.

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