Jump Assessment

Jumping Analysis with force plates

With TEMPLO you can stream VIDEO and DATA in REAL-TIME!

TEMPLO JUMP is a powerful software module (it is an add on to TEMPLO), that enables coaches, clinicians, and athletes to capture essential jumping metrics using a triaxial force platform (AMTI, Bertec, Kistler). The workflow is very simple and clear:

After the participant entered into the test list (for tests and comparisons of multiple participants), or after a new entry is created in the database, the analyst selects the type of jump (Counter Movement, Drop Jump, Squat Jump). The test subject then stands on the plate; the user must only click start and instruct the participant to jump.

After the subject jumps, TEMPLO automatically recognizes that the subject has landed and completed the jump cycle, processes the data, and prepares a force graph and a table that contains all of the jump parameters. 

After a few moments, all data is displayed for immediate analysis or saved to be viewed later. The process allows for multiple jumps from different subjects to be carried out in a couple of minutes. Captured data from all participants across all jump types can be compared in a user defined table, with specific parameters highlighted for analysis. 

Calculated parameters include: 

  • Maximum force
  • Relative maximum force 
  • Mean force
  • Mean takeoff force
  • Flight time
  • flight height
  • vertical takeoff speed

Calculated jump events include: 

  • Initial contact
  • Maximum and minimum force
  • Start and end of flight
  • Maximum rate of force deployment
  • Flight time
  • Contact time

In addition, you can pair TEMPLO JUMP with a high-speed camera and add a level of depth to your analysis. As always, zFlo includes all training and support required to learn and use TEMPLO JUMP - we also have relationships with force-plate vendors and can easily provide a full turnkey solution! For more information please fill out the form to the right.

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