TEMPLO: force plate integration

Force Plate Analysis with TEMPLO

Harness the power of true triaxial force platform data with TEMPLO. 

Using TEMPLO with a force platform from AMTI offers clinicians and coaches alike the ability to analyze essentially any motion in minute detail. Beyond gait force-vector analysis, TEMPLO's force-platform integration is extremely useful for Jumping Analysis, Swing Analysis, balance assessment, and even posture analysis. Because the Accugait and Accusway platforms from AMTI are so sensitive, very small motion can be detected and measured precisely, bringing a new level of objectivity to commonly used protocols like the Berg Balance Scale. Hardware is completely up to the user - whether you have existing cameras and a computer that could work, or require a full turnkey system, zFlo has you covered. We also have the expertise and knowledge to have your system up and running quickly and with minimal effort on your part. 


Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of Force Plate do I need to use for TEMPLO?

A:ANY. TEMPLO can integrate with just about any A/D compatible force plate (Bertec, AMTI, Kistler), however most of our customers use platforms from AMTI. zFlo is also a reseller for AMTI, so we can provide the full system at retail costs. 

Q: I thought force plate systems were just for research...

A: Not anymore! TEMPLO is so intuitive and straight forward that anyone can now harness the precise data obtained with a triaxial force platform! 

Q: What kind of computer do I need to run this system?

A: We offer fully custom computers to all of our customers, and all hardware we provide comes with a 2 year warranty. You have the choice of providing your own hardware as well.


  • Calibrated force platform showing vector travelling through center of force.
    Calibrated force platform showing vector travelling through center of force.
  • gait analysis with force plate
    Capture EMG and force tgoether - all with TEMPLO

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