Footscan Pressure 

Functional, smart, and efficient plantar pressure measurement platforms from RSscan


Scalable Sizes

footscan© pressure plates by RSscan are available in sizes to fit your needs.   Want to capture balance or a single step? 0.5m is your best bet.  Need multiple steps?  1.5m or 2m plates have got you covered!

Static and Dynamic

The footscan ecosystem allows you to easily capture quick static images to assess instantaneous pressure distribution.  Want to analyze pressure during a dynamic movement?  No problem - it's built into the footscan software

Intuitive Software

Automatically identify good measurements and throw out the bad ones - footscan v9 software lets you dig into your data immediately and contains smart functionality that makes your analysis simple.

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Plug and Play

Footscan pressure plates are hassle free and just work.  Plug them in via a USB connection and immediately start capturing static, dynamic, and balance tests.  The software guides you through the process step by step for what you need to do - there's no complicated setup or configuration, just accurate plantar pressure data.

RSscan pressure plate

Clinic Focused

RSscan offers intuitive and accurate systems for the measurement and analysis of plantar pressure in a clinical environment.  With add-on components tuned for gait analysis, including gait ratios, dynamic center of pressure graphing, and foot angle analysis, it is easier than ever to make informed decisions about patient care with footscan from RSscan.

Integration Ready

16 analog channels to integrate external analog signals into the footscan® measurements. Sync and trigger inputs and outputs, master and slave modes.

Synchronize high speed cameras, accept or initiate trigger signals. RF sync and trigger.

Synchronize your gait lab. The 3D interface box allows the integration of third party products such as force plates, EMG systems, motion capture and much more.

Footscan sync box

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