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Measure Walking Gait with MotionMetrix

Posted by Oliver Watson

Feb 22, 2017 10:27:33 AM

We are pleased to announce that our partners at MotionMetrix have released an add-on module to their running analysis software.  With the latest release, users can now measure walking gait with the system.  Read on for a full list of parameters and included measurements.

Walking Gait

Gait Parameters:

  • Step Length
  • Step Width
  • Stride Length
  • Stance Phase (%)
  • Swing Phase (%)
  • Single Support (%)
  • Total Double Support (%)
  • Loading Response (%)
  • Pre-Swing (%)
  • Step Time
  • Gait Cycle (S)
  • Cadence (Stride/s)
  • CoM Speed (m/s)
  • Knee Frontal Angle
  • Knee Frontal Moment (BWm)
  • Hip Frontal Moment (BWm)
  • Vertical Force Max (BW)
  • Braking Force Max (BW)
  • Propulsion Force Max (BW)
  • Medio-Lateral Force Max (BW)

Graphical Representations:

  • Top View of Gait Cycle
    • Including CoM course
  • CoM Trajectory
    • Antero-Posterior
  • Ground Reaction Forces
  • Spatial Model of Patient walking

More info on the MotionMetrix system:

Interested in using MotionMetrix for gait analysis? 

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