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ACL Injury Prevention

Posted by Oliver Watson

Jun 15, 2015 1:36:09 PM

Continuing our post from last week highlighting Andrew Walker's PT clinic, Physio Works, I had a chance to delve a little deeper into some of the services that Andrew offers to his patients.  While Physio Works offers many services comparable to other PT clinics, its ACL Injury Prevention Program stood out as a perfect combination of PT evaluation techniques and technology. I asked Andrew to expand upon why he chose to start offering this service, and how technology plays a role in effectively evaluating and treating ACL injuries.


"Having gotten that service up and running we have now launched another service using the Templo system. We are offering an ACL injury prevention screen. Research has shown a 926% increase in ACL surgeries in under 15s between 1996, and 2006. It also shows that 26% of tears could be prevented."


"We use the Templo system to capture video of a test called the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS), and again correlate it against physical findings to make recommendations on how to improve mechanics and reduce injury risk. This test has been shown in research to be able to predict risk of ACL injury in soccer. Again you can see the test on the youtube videos below:"


"To help make the ACL screen more accessible to teams, particularly those with high risk such as soccer, I made sure that when I got Templo that I got a mobile set-up so I can take it to their facility. I use Templo on a Macbook Pro, using capture cards, and HD video cameras. This set-up works well for me in the clinic and outside." 


"I am excited to offer these services and am greatly enjoying how it has expanded my ability to help my clients. I feel that now we can effectively influence clients in such a way that they can avoid injury, it is game changing technology!"


To read more about Andrew's ACL Injury Prevention techniques, take a look at his 2 part blog post (Part 1 Part 2) as well as his website.

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